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The Process 

The Custom Marinemat® Process in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 Quote & Template


We provide you with a quote and discuss what areas you want to apply decking. We use only state of the art digitizing technology to scan & measure your boat.This ensures that your MarineMat® kit is a custom fit. 

Step 2  Choose Materials, Colors, Design

There are thousands of MarineMat® combinations & 34 colors you can choose from for your project. We will provide you with physical samples to help you choose the perfect colors and 

texture for your application.


Step 3  Fabrication

Once you have chosen your combination, the MarineMat® factory will fabricate your MarineMat® kit based on the template we created in Step 1. MarineMat®  uses CNC machines to guarantee the tightest tolerances and most precise cuts possible for your custom fit.

Step 4 Installation

Now that the MarineMat® factory has completed your MarineMat® kit, it is ready to be installed. We will contact you to set up a date and time to complete the install process of the MarineMat® kit 

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