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The Material  

MarineMat®  is high quality closed cell EVA foam that will not absorb water and is extremely resistant to stains and mildew. Unlike carpet that needs to be removed to be cleaned and dried, MarineMat® can be washed and scrubbed in place just like a traditional non-skid or teak deck. MarineMat® combines great looks, fantastic traction, shock absorption, and ease of maintenance all in one economically priced package. MarineMat® offers two styles of mats: "Stick It" and "Snap It".


Stick-It Series mats are made from the same ultra-high quality EVA as the Snap-It Series. But instead of snaps, Stick-It mats use a patented 3M adhesive glue with fiber re-enforce backing making them extremely versatile to apply almost anywhere on your watercraft: swim platforms, helm areas, complete cockpits, accent areas such as under gunwale rods storage, inside storage lockers, or as step pads entering the boat. The adhesive sticks to most every surfaces imaginable.

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The only removable foam decking in the marine industry, 

MarineMat® patent-pending Snap-It Series mats are unique in that they allow individual mats to be snapped into place instead of being glued. Engineered with four layers, including an EVA foam layer for the top, polyester in the middle of the foam and a non-skid traction layer on the bottom, these mats are an ideal replacement for marine carpet.

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